is a graphic designer based in New York. He previously worked at Bruce Mau Design, Steven Holl Architects, and PLAYLAB, INC.

He is one half of stuuuudio.

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1. Intimate Data
Screen printed sweatshirts and risograph printed essays. Dislocated geometries, empty containers, a big hug.

2. Homes
A book of other people's essays. A place to come back to whenever you need it.

3. I Wonder
A meditation, a window, a view to the other side.

A series of publications designed and written in Oslo with Ane Krogseth, Karoline Bakken Lund, Lea Michel, Soren Rosenbak, and Orysia Zabeida. An exercise in placemaking.

5. Typefaces
Two display typefaces. An oxbow lake and a melencholy seven-segment screen.

6. Prints
Rolling pastures. Printed with Dotty Albro.

7. A Weaving
A square yard and a picnic to go.

8. A Quilt
An insulated quilt for all those cold space nights.